Just the FAQs Ma’am

“My statue looks somewhat different than the photos on your website?”

To answer this we will let you in on the production workflow here at Quarantine Studio. Once our talented artists have finished sculpting a horrific creation they paint it to perfection. We send this master off to the photography studio where dozens of photos are taken to be used for promotional materials and the website gallery. Then the original statue is sent to be molded and small hordes of the nasties are cast.

Each and every statue Quarantine Studio produces is painstakingly hand painted by our team of artists to match the original statue. While we strive to keep the paint work consistent, it is possible that the colors will vary somewhat from statue to statue.

So yes you may notice a small difference in what you see on our website and what you get in the box. We try to keep this difference to a minimum but each piece is its own creation so results may vary.

“Your site says that the statue I want is shipping in the third quarter but it is already September. What’s the deal?”

Shipping dates posted on the site are ESTIMATES not an exact date of arrival. Many factors can cause delays in the production of our statues. We do the very best to ensure our products arrive in our warehouse in a timely manner but even we cannot control everything. Rest in peace that we will deliver your collectible as soon as inhumanly possible.[/accordion]

“What is Quarantine Studio’s return policy?”

Quarantine Studio return policy is as follows:

If a product is damaged via shipping, the customer must make a claim with the shipping company. Before every product ships, we at Quarantine Studio check for defects and breakage. We pride ourselves on taking all precautions to guarantee the highest quality possible.  Quarantine Studio also includes insurance on every shipment, this not only protects our customer but also helps Quarantine Studio with keeping down costs. All claims of damaged goods must be reported to us within 24 hours of accepting the item from the delivery courier.

If you just don’t like the product, we will gladly issue you a Quarantine Studio full credit for future purchases. The customer will be responsible for paying all shipping charges for the item in question, that means shipping to the customer originally and return shipping to QS.[/accordion]

“Can I cancel a preorder and request a refund on the deposit?”

All preorder deposits are non-refundable. The preorders are for Very Limited Edition Deluxe statues and these spots fill up quickly. The small deposit guarantees you one of these coveted spots on the list. If you cancel the order, or fail to pay the final invoice once product is ready to ship, you lose your deposit.[/accordion]

“What is the turn around time, from purchasing a product and the product shipping out?”

If the product is in stock, the product will go out in the following business days, usually within 48 hours.

“Can I buy wholesale and act as a distributor for Quarantine Studio products?”

Yes, assuming you are able to meet the minimum criteria we require for any distribution channels. Write us at info@quarantinestudio.com with any business inquiries.

“Can I commission Quarantine Studio to develop and produce my product?”

You can ask. Whether or not we choose to work with another developer depends on many factors, not the least of which being whether or not we know we can deliver the quality the customer is looking for on their budget. Write us at info@quarantinestudio.com with any proposals.