Xenomorphodite(Captain Anders)


Capt. Anders is a 1/4 scale bust sculpted by Kent Kidwell. This resin kit is comprised of 9 pieces.

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Journal Entry 10.01.2478

We have lost contact with outpost 24H37M, one of our first colonies on the outer rim. Everything was going according to plans and then nothing.

We have not heard a thing from the crew or any of the colonists. No communications, no log entries, nothing at all. It is as if they have all disappeared. It is strange that they have not tried to contact us or at the very least sent out a distress call.

All we can do is wait… and hope.

Journal Entry 11.28.2478

The Xenomorphodite known as Captain Anders, is the only surviving member of outpost 24H37M, or is she? Captain Anders is sedated and currently in quarantine. What, if anything, will Anders be able to reveal about the whereabouts of the other outpost crewmembers.

Sculpted by the talented Kent Kidwell of Warlord Studios. This kit is comprised of 9 solid resin pieces hand cast by our very own minions here in the US. The paint master featured here was compliments of our very good friend Jim Lawrence. Jim is a master of all things Giger and it shows in his work on Captain Anders. The attention to detail from both of these artists is breathtaking.

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Dimensions 12 x 9 x 6 in


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