Dorothy Print


Limited Edition print by Arturo Louga. Archival inks on high quality papers.



“I don’t think that we are in Kansas anymore.”

Oz’s most recent inhabitant is back and and all grown up. Spending her teenage years on the hardened streets of the new OZ, Dorothy is not the sweet, innocent little girl she used to be. She got a new dress and traded in those ruby slippers for something a little more useful. You can’t risk a broken heel in the new Oz.

Along with the new look came a new attitude. Instead of hiding from the Wicked Witch, Dorothy and her friends are hunting her down to make her pay for what she has done. Whether or not they will ever see Oz the way it once was, they are determined to bring the Witch to justice.

Dorothy’s ever faithful companion Toto has gone through some changes of his own. He was  a brave little scamp before even though he lacked the might, but now his bite is surely much worse than his bark. You won’t see this Toto run and hide when things get tight. Whatever that Witch did, it has affected even the creatures of Oz.

Penned by the talented Arturo Louga,  these illustrations are sure to be the perfect addition to any collection. Using traditional illustration methods and materials Arturo has absolutely captured our reimagined Oz and all of its inhabitants. Arturo creates each illustration by hand then, digitizes it and works his Photoshop magic to further refine and then colorize the drawing until it is perfect.

The prints are generated with archival inks on the highest quality paper and measure 11″ x 17″. Available as a black and white or as a full color print. You cannot go wrong with whichever you choose.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 16 x 2 x 2 in
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Color, B&W


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