Drop Dead Gorgeous


Wrap your corpse in one of our cool and comfortable tees. It will make you the talk of the graveyard.

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Do you feel left out when the cool kids are around? Do they snub you like you are some sort of social pariah? Well then you probably are. We can’t change that but perhaps we can help. Our new line of clothing will make even the worst of the socially inept fit in like one of the ghouls.

How does it work? Well here at QUARATINE STUDIO we take a different approach. Our philosophy is not to try and fit into “their” mold but bring ’em down to our level of festering goodness. That’s why our slogan is “Infect a friend” because friends don’t let friends suffer alone.

These t-shirts are extra beefy to withstand zombie attacks, plagues of locusts, the most virulent diseases and of course the washing machine if you are into that sort of thing. So pick up one or five of our t-shirts today to start spreading the contagion that is QUARANTINE STUDIO and show those cool kids who’s the beotch now.

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 11 x 3 x 14 in
Shirt Size

Large, X-Large


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