The Vittles Brothers


Limited Edition statue, UN-PAINTED, cast in polyresin and comes in a handsome collector’s box.

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The outbreak spared no one, not even the entertainment kings. When Hell came to town, the Carnival was in full swing.

The Vittles Brothers wrestled for cash and Pigo did the creepy things clowns do. It was said by the ventriloquist, Mr. Magnifico, that to witness Ike and Addley Vittles pin an opponent was like seeing a two-headed hippo sit on a squirrel. The big tent was bigger for their presence and when the feces hit the fan it was the Brothers Vittle who made sure the women and children got the first rides to safety.

Even in the funky afterlife of zombification, the Brothers look smashing in their one-strapped singlet. Back when they could speak, they would have told you Andre the Giant was their fashion icon.

Ike is the chunky one, and Addley has the hair, which he has always felt makes him look more intellectual.

There are more rotten Carney friends to come as ZOMBIES UNLEASHED continues, so don’t miss out on these extremely limited items while they are available.

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