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Something is coming!

Wolf Teaser

Wolf TeaserWhere is he? It can’t take that long.

Come on, hurry up. I’m not liking this anymore. We need to get back.

Why in the hell did I ever agree to a midnight stroll. Sounded romantic I guess, but now he has disappeared. “I gotta take a leak. Be right back.” Sick SOB probably thinks he’s real funny leaving me out here like this. Probably laughing as hard as he can right now. We’ll see who’s laughing later tonight when your sorry ass is sleeping on the couch!

How the hell am I am supposed to find my way back to the cabin? I can barely make out the path. At least I think I’m on the path. I should have paid closer attention in the Girl Scouts.

What was that?

Calm down girl, it was probably a raccoon or something. Nothing to worry about, animals are just as scared of you as you are them. That’s what they always say. Okaaaay, I am just going to pick up the pace a little. Don’t want to scare the little critter to death. “It’s okay little fella, I’m leaving as fast as I can. You just stay right there, wherever you are and I will be out of your way as soon as I can.”

He is really going to get it if I ever get back to the cabin. He thinks he has seen me mad before, he ain’t seen nothing yet! Romantic weekend in the woods, Right! He will be lucky if he makes out of here in one piece. I should have listened to my friends. They warned me but did I listen? Nooo. Men are dogs!

Oh crap! There it is again. “Hey little fella, I thought I told you to stay where you were. Just go back your way and I am going to go this way. Okay? There is no need to follow me. I don’t have anything for you to eat, I promise. Run along now. Shoo!” Just like a man, can’t take simple instructions.

Oh please let me be getting close. It couldn’t have been this far could it?



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