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Return of the Frazetta Death Dealer Bronze Statue

If you have been following Quarantine Studio on Facebook or YouTube then you may already know about the announcement that we have brought back the Solid Bronze Frank Frazetta Death Dealer statue to finish the edition. Each one of the solid bronze statues is hand-crafted in the traditional lost wax casting technique. This process takes an incredible amount of time due to the high-quality craftsmanship and artistry involved. This magnificent piece of artwork is extremely limited to just 13 statues worldwide, four of which are already gone at the time of this post. It is fully licensed by the Frazetta Art Museum and is available today from both the museum website and the Quarantine Studio website. In the video announcing the statue you can get an up close, 360° view of the statue and its details and for those who stayed to the end of the video found out a bit more.

Even before the solid bronze edition was released there was a 600 pcs color edition of the statue which sold out almost immediately. Ever since that time we have been inundated with requests for more of these statues. In the deluxe painted edition of the statue, owners found a bonus hand that held a shield rather than a severed head. This feature allowed the owner display options depending on their taste and was wildly popular. These deluxe editions of the statue have sold on auction sites for as much as $1000.00. Not a bad investment for those initial purchasers. We never considered a rerelease of the statue because we felt that it would only devalue the initial release and sit poorly with those customers who had made that purchase.

The price of the solid bronze statue reflects the amount of work that goes into each one and its limited availability. While appropriate and in line with other pieces of artwork of the same caliber, the price could be considered out of reach for a number of fans. That is why Quarantine Studio and The Frazetta Art Museum are considering a limited edition faux bronze edition of the statue. This statue will be identical to the solid bronze edition in every way only it will be made from polystone resin with a painted metallic bronze finish. This process and a larger edition number will bring the price down to a more affordable range. What is that price? That too is being negotiated right now.

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