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Return of the Frazetta Death Dealer Bronze Statue

If you have been following Quarantine Studio on Facebook or YouTube then you may already know about the announcement that we have brought back the Solid Bronze Frank Frazetta Death Dealer statue to finish the edition. Each one of the solid bronze statues is hand-crafted in the traditional lost wax casting technique. This process takes an incredible amount of time due to the high-quality craftsmanship and artistry involved. This magnificent piece of artwork is extremely limited to just 13 statues worldwide, four of which are already gone at the time of this post. It is fully licensed by the Frazetta Art Museum and is available today from both the museum website and the Quarantine Studio website. In the video announcing the statue you can get an up close, 360° view of the statue and its details and for those who stayed to the end of the video found out a bit more. Read More