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A Frazetta Affair

Recently, we here at Quarantine Studio had the opportunity to visit our first ever licensor, the Frank Frazetta museum. An invitation had been extended to us earlier this year to come up and take a look at some unpublished works to see if we could find a subject for another statue. We knew that we would see some amazing artwork but nothing could prepare us for what we actually experienced.


The museum is located in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, a new destination for us. It is a small town among beautiful wooded hills just an hour or so away from the very busy Newark, New Jersey. Traveling up the small road towards the museum, we had no idea what was in store, and the amazing works of art, waiting to be seen. 



Breaking from the wood-covered road, a medieval-style building greeted us…Frank and Ellies’s museum. As we parked and waited to meet Frank Jr and his wife Lori, we peered out over the pond and saw instantly why Frank Sr loved this place so much. You are surrounded by the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside with lush forests and rolling landscapes. The setting was magical and briefly took me back to my childhood, as I waited anxiously to open my gifts on Christmas morning. William said he thought we had just walked into the most peaceful place on Earth.


Frank and Lori greeted us with handshakes and a big hug. These two are unique and tell a story about who they are without ever saying a word. Faced with a what would have been a difficult choice for anyone, to enjoy the spoils of a vast inheritance or share their father’s gifts with the world, these two said it was no choice. They live to keep the Frank Frazetta Art Museum alive and well for everyone to enjoy just like Frank Sr and Ellie had dreamed. They don’t even charge admission to come and experience these magnificent works of art. 

Entering the museum, we were instantly transported back in time when social media and video games didn’t exist. A time when you picked up a paperback or a comic book to read, or took out a record to listen to. Many people were drawn to these works, simply because the artwork displayed on their covers. Whether Conan the Barbarian, Molly Hatchet’s album, or creepy and eerie comics, Frank Frazetta’s work was stunning. He had the ability to transport you to whatever world his brushstrokes painted. One of Frank’s greatest gifts was his ability to trick the human eye into seeing something in his works that may not really be there. It all remains beautifully displayed in every painting hanging on the wall in his museum.


Inside you will also find items from Frank and Ellie’s home which is located next door to the museum. These items include handcrafted furniture and furnishings from all over the world. They even have Frank’s easel and chair from which he created his most famous masterpieces. Surrounding the easel and chair are small displays containing some of Frank’s personal items including books, personal notes,  photos, and even model airplanes. William being the aviation nerd that he is noticed a couple small ballpoint pen sketches of airplanes in the display. He asked Frank Jr. if his father had been a military pilot or something that caused him to draw something that seemed so unlike what we knew of Frank Sr. He said no, he wasn’t but that in his younger days he lived near a Marine base and watched as the planes would make their daily practice flights overhead. He said that his father had gained an appreciation for the aircraft and learned to identify the various planes simply by the sounds of their engines.


Our tour guide for the evening was none other than Lori Frazetta, herself. She walked us through Frank’s love of drawing that started with some of his works as a small child and continued throughout his adult life. Making our way along the tour, Lori had to keep pulling us back to her as we attempted to take in everything around us at once. As she spoke of Frank you could tell that she truly loved this man and his family. As Lori gazed at Frank’s works that she has no doubt seen thousands of times before, you could see in her eyes a wonder and a loving respect for the talent of her father-in-law. Every painting, every illustration, and sketch had a story. From how Frank would sometimes wait until the last minute to work on a commission drinking pots of coffee with loads of sugar to help him stay awake to finish. To the fact that Frank even used flooring out of his own home as a canvas once to paint a masterpiece. Having been able to look through a keyhole-portion of the life of Frank Frazetta, I now have an even greater appreciation for all that he has done. As the tour ended, I was starved for more. I felt I could have spent days staring in awe and wonder at Frank’s work. In my view, Frank Frazetta stands as one of the greatest artists of all time.


Established in 2008, Quarantine Studio had the privilege of licensing as our first work Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer, with Frank Sr, Ellie, and Frank Jr. We will always be grateful to the Frazettas for taking a chance on a small, start-up company with their signature character. We are proud to help continue the Frazetta legacy with licensed works but more importantly, we are honored to call Frank Jr and Lori Frazetta our friends.

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The Countess of Karnstein Awaits

Coming soon to a blood filled hot tub near you, the Countess Karnstein. This 1/4 scale bust measures a whopping 10 1/2 inches and is absolutely perfect in every way. Sculpted by the very talented Joe Simon, our Countess is just stepping into her nightly bath of blood and is joined by a few of her pets. Parted into 5 solid resin pieces with very little clean-up work required, this kit is ready to paint in no time. The base is poured in transparent red resin with a cavity on the underside for lighting and power possibilities.

We have enjoyed a long working relationship with Joe Simon and his work still amazes us. His latest piece, the Countess of Karnstein is absolutely beautiful and surprisingly large for a 1/4 scale bust. Instead of stopping at the waist, Joe decided to go a little further south to give you a bit more of the Countess. Your welcome.

This beauty arrived in the studio just a few weeks ago. As usual with Joe’s work, there was nothing for me as the mold-maker and caster to do but simply start building molds. She was perfect in every way. All undercuts were appropriately prepared for the molding process. Her hair was formed and flowing with enough thickness to withstand mold-making and yet look natural not bulky. Joe even made sure that the wings on the bats would not be a casting problem by making them a bit thicker so the molds would not collapse under pressure thus causing thin spots or even holes. And while this thickness is evident on the trailing edges of the wings, a bit of sanding along those edges gives the illusion of a thin membrane. These are the types of things that an experienced sculptor like Joe thinks about and incorporates into his work.

I took a couple of days to just observe the Countess and decide on the best parting line for her. She was one continuous piece with several undercuts so I wanted to make sure that I could hide any parting line as best I could. Once I decided on the parting line I marked it on the primed parts and began laying up clay. The smaller pieces were simple enough so I constructed two part molds for those pieces and the base was a simple open mold. Due to the sheer size of the bust, I knew that a typical two part mold would be very costly and very heavy so I opted for a jacketed mold. First I mixed and brushed on several thin coats of Silicone Inc.’s XT491 with a GI 179 activator. Because this is not the typical method of applying this particular silicone, it took a while to build up a usable layer of silicone. After each application of silicone, I had to wait 24 hours for it to cure and then another thin layer was applied.

Once I was happy with the thickness of silicone, I used Smooth-On’s Free From Air to create a supporting jacket. This is the second project in which I used this product and I absolutely love it. The fact that it is really lightweight makes working with the finished product a lot easier. Basically, it is a two part epoxy material with a consistency similar to that of Play-Doh. After it cures you can carve, sand and drill the stuff. While it is still workable, you can wet it with water to smooth it out much like working with Aves Epoxy. In fact, I have a couple larger pieces in my personal collection that might get some Free Form Air in place of Aves to fill voids and build up mass. Back to the Countess.

Next, I flipped the Countess over and removed the clay from the back side of the sculpt. I coated the cured silicone and Free From Air with thinned petroleum jelly, a tip I picked up from Mark Brokaw many years ago. The jelly is thinned with mineral spirits then brushed on in thin coats. I have used aerosol mold releases in the past but nothing works as good Mark’s homemade recipe. It takes a little more experience to ensure you get the right amount of release agent but the results are worth every bit of the effort. As I began to high pour in my next small batch of silicone it just struck me funny to see the Countess’s posterior being covered in the liquid silicone. Insert cheezy 70’s porn music here. I used a small brush to push the silicone into all of the folds of her hair and other undercuts. The silicone was allowed to cure overnight then another thin coat was applied the next day. The process took 4 days to complete just like the first half of the mold. Finally, I created the second half of the mold jacket with the Free Form Air.

Removing the mold jackets was a snap and the silicone parted easily thanks to Mark’s release agent recipe. The original sculpt came out of the mold in perfect condition due in no small part to Joe’s understanding of the mold making and casting process. Intricate sculpts are very visually interesting but a pain in the ass for producers. That won’t stop Quarantine Studio from bringing you the best in resin model kits and prepainted statues. With every project, we push ourselves and our factory to make the finished product better and more amazing. So be on the look out for the Countess Karstein coming soon to our online store along with some more amazing work from Joe Simon.

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The Frank Frazetta Tribute Statue

Quarantine Studio is proud to announce, “The Frank Frazetta Tribute Statue,” has started it’s manufacturing process.  The FFTS has been a labor of love for all those involved with the project. We, at Quarantine Studio, would like to thank Frank Jr. Enterprise and The Frazetta Museum for letting us, once again, work with our first licensed intellectual property, to create what we hope will be a cherished piece for all Frank Frazetta Collectors throughout the World. The Frazetta Tribute statue is scheduled for a late 3rd quarter and or early 4th quarter release date and preordering will be available soon through our website and our various retail and wholesale partners worldwide. We again, would like to Thank all parties that have been involved with bringing this Amazing concept to Life.

Quarantine Studio



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Return of the Frazetta Death Dealer Bronze Statue

If you have been following Quarantine Studio on Facebook or YouTube then you may already know about the announcement that we have brought back the Solid Bronze Frank Frazetta Death Dealer statue to finish the edition. Each one of the solid bronze statues is hand-crafted in the traditional lost wax casting technique. This process takes an incredible amount of time due to the high-quality craftsmanship and artistry involved. This magnificent piece of artwork is extremely limited to just 13 statues worldwide, four of which are already gone at the time of this post. It is fully licensed by the Frazetta Art Museum and is available today from both the museum website and the Quarantine Studio website. In the video announcing the statue you can get an up close, 360° view of the statue and its details and for those who stayed to the end of the video found out a bit more.

Even before the solid bronze edition was released there was a 600 pcs color edition of the statue which sold out almost immediately. Ever since that time we have been inundated with requests for more of these statues. In the deluxe painted edition of the statue, owners found a bonus hand that held a shield rather than a severed head. This feature allowed the owner display options depending on their taste and was wildly popular. These deluxe editions of the statue have sold on auction sites for as much as $1000.00. Not a bad investment for those initial purchasers. We never considered a rerelease of the statue because we felt that it would only devalue the initial release and sit poorly with those customers who had made that purchase.

The price of the solid bronze statue reflects the amount of work that goes into each one and its limited availability. While appropriate and in line with other pieces of artwork of the same caliber, the price could be considered out of reach for a number of fans. That is why Quarantine Studio and The Frazetta Art Museum are considering a limited edition faux bronze edition of the statue. This statue will be identical to the solid bronze edition in every way only it will be made from polystone resin with a painted metallic bronze finish. This process and a larger edition number will bring the price down to a more affordable range. What is that price? That too is being negotiated right now.

To be the first to find out more about the new Faux Bronze Death Dealer statue, sign up for our newsletter today. To keep up to date on the latest Death Dealer news, use #anewdeathdealeriscoming

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Halloween Special

The No Trick, All Treat SALE

It’s almost here, that magical time of the year when ghouls, ghosts and the occasional miniature superhero come looking for a handful of sugary treats. Well we here at Quarantine Studio are all out of candy. So how about this sweet treat instead.

We have slashed prices on some of our most popular items. Choose from one of our gruesome zombies or perhaps a walking collection of spare body parts. Heck, we even put an alien in the mix for good measure. There is something in the candy bowl for everyone especially if you like saving money. But you better act fast before the candy bowl goes empty again because like the holiday, this sale ends on All Hallows’ Eve.

Choose your treat:

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Something is coming!

Wolf Teaser

Wolf TeaserWhere is he? It can’t take that long.

Come on, hurry up. I’m not liking this anymore. We need to get back.

Why in the hell did I ever agree to a midnight stroll. Sounded romantic I guess, but now he has disappeared. “I gotta take a leak. Be right back.” Sick SOB probably thinks he’s real funny leaving me out here like this. Probably laughing as hard as he can right now. We’ll see who’s laughing later tonight when your sorry ass is sleeping on the couch!

How the hell am I am supposed to find my way back to the cabin? I can barely make out the path. At least I think I’m on the path. I should have paid closer attention in the Girl Scouts.

What was that?

Calm down girl, it was probably a raccoon or something. Nothing to worry about, animals are just as scared of you as you are them. That’s what they always say. Okaaaay, I am just going to pick up the pace a little. Don’t want to scare the little critter to death. “It’s okay little fella, I’m leaving as fast as I can. You just stay right there, wherever you are and I will be out of your way as soon as I can.”

He is really going to get it if I ever get back to the cabin. He thinks he has seen me mad before, he ain’t seen nothing yet! Romantic weekend in the woods, Right! He will be lucky if he makes out of here in one piece. I should have listened to my friends. They warned me but did I listen? Nooo. Men are dogs!

Oh crap! There it is again. “Hey little fella, I thought I told you to stay where you were. Just go back your way and I am going to go this way. Okay? There is no need to follow me. I don’t have anything for you to eat, I promise. Run along now. Shoo!” Just like a man, can’t take simple instructions.

Oh please let me be getting close. It couldn’t have been this far could it?



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Bloodshot has Arrived!

Bloodshot_CloseupYou will be happy to note that Bloodshot has finally arrived at our warehouse and is ready for deployment. If you put a deposit down on this amazing statue then you will want to have a look through your in box for an invoice with your remaining balance. We will be shipping your statue as soon as the invoice is paid in full.

For those of you who decided not to preorder, there is still time to pick up your own copy of Bloodshot. Just head on over to this page and purchase a Bloodshot today.

Better hurry because the deadline for the Bloodshot Giveaway is March 9th. All orders that are paid in full by that date are eligible for the drawing to win either the Uber Rare Black Shirt edition or the Signed Artist’s Proof.

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Heads Up

Zombie_2We have added to the another key chain design in our Nogginz product line. All of you fans of the undead are really going to appreciate this guy. We call him Steve, for no good reason. He just looks like a Steve. He is cool and creepy ready to keep an eye on your keys.

You can pick up Steve or one of his buddies by clicking right here.

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Get Inked from Quarantine Studio

No we are not getting into the body art business. We are however, adding some new products to our line up. We have been working with a talented illustrator to come up with some concept designs of future statues. During the back and forth of changes to the conceptual drawings some really nice pieces have emerged. So nice in fact that we thought that they could stand on their own as a viable product.

We are offering prints of these illustrations for everyone to enjoy. Choose from black and white pen illustrations or a digitally colored version of the same illustration. Either way you will get a wonderful piece printed with archival inks on high quality paper. Select from two popular framing sizes (11″ x 14″  and  13″ x 19″) to fill up your walls with illustrated goodness.

Check out the video preview of just a few of the prints that are available.


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Bloodshot Orders

Hello all Quarantine Studio fans,

We have been overwhelmed with the response to our announcement of the Bloodshot 1/6 scale collectible statue. This is awesome and we greatly appreciate your patronage. To that end, some of you have been experiencing some minor issues when ordering the statue, especially those who are from out of town (Outside the USA).  Well we put our legion of web trolls on the issue and they have come up with a plan to alleviate your ordering woes.

Now if you want to purchase the Bloodshot statue you have a choice to make. Simply select whether or not your are a US customer or not and the “Add to Cart” button will appear below the option for Partial or Full Payment. For those of you in the US you will of course receive FREE shipping. For our friends outside the US you will receive a discount on your shipping.

We hope that this will make it easier for those outside the US to place their orders. We really do appreciate your business and as always, if you have a question or concern you can reach us by email.

Keep spreading the infection!