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We Will Return in a Moment

Hello to all my fellow Quarantine Studio victims, er, uh, I mean fans. Many of you have subscribed to the Quarantine Studio YouTube channel and for that we are much appreciative. However, you may have noticed that the program has gone Off The Air as of late. I wanted to let you know that the QS channel is scheduled to return soon. We have been extremely busy bringing you more Infectious Collectibles and have not spent much time in the broadcast studio. But that is about to change.

Many times Life in general gets in the way of progress. In this case, Life and Business got in the way. It happens. I just wanted you to know that we here at QS are committed to the community of modelers and statue collectors. We want to give back to the community that has supported us for so long and the QS channel is one way that we hope that we are doing just that. We are also running a promotion to give away one of our of statues, Conan the Brutal Faux Bronze Edition to help add on to the community. So don’t miss out and don’t forget to Infect .

We have invested in new video equipment and are sprucing up the studio itself to bring you a better experience. Once the studio is finished then we will resume our regular programing. There are some announcements on the way along with some unboxing of new products and of course more modeling demos. There even could be some coverage of model and horror shows. But we want to know what you think? What would you like to see on the QS channel? Drop us an email or comment on this post and let us know.

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Bloodshot is Coming. For You.

We have been anxiously awaiting the moment when we announce our collaboration with Valiant Entertainment on a 1/6 scale Limited Edition collectible statue of one of their most popular characters, Bloodshot.

From Valiant’s press release on 10-5-2015:

“For 25 years, fans have been eagerly awaiting their first Valiant statue and we’re immensely proud that the time has finally come,” said Russell A. Brown, President of Consumer Products, Promotions, and Ad Sales for Valiant Entertainment. “Quarantine Studios has poured an incredible amount of time, talent and detail into giving Valiant’s very first statue release the jaw-dropping debut that Bloodshot deserves. From top to bottom, this is a beautiful realization of one of Valiant’s most enduring characters and a gloriously stunning interpretation of David Aja’s vision.”

This is a milestone for Valiant Entertainment as no one has ever produced an Officially Licensed statue for them. Quarantine Studio is proud to be the first to do so and we had a blast seeing this project through. We started with the very talented Joe Simon as the sculptor. We gave him plenty of reference material, including a print from multiple Eisner Award-winning artist David Aja. Then we let Joe work his magic. We labored over every detail to make sure that we would be delivering a quality statue. The result is simply amazing!

Bloodshot will be available for order from your local comic book retailer and Previews magazine. Don’t want to wait? Well then head on over to Quarantine Studio store where we have it available for preorder right now. We are offering free shipping (continental US only, International orders will receive discounted shipping) and a limited edition print featuring the Bloodshot #1 cover art by David Aja on all Bloodshot statue orders placed at the Quarantine Studio website.

Need more incentive to get yours now?

Well how about the chance to win an Exclusive Bloodshot statue? We are talking an exclusive like no other. A Bloodshot statue signed by the Quarantine Studio and Valiant Entertainment staffs? Or perhaps a special paint variant? Both are a possibility but only if you order direct from Quarantine Studio. Every Bloodshot order placed and paid for on the Quarantine Studio website will be enter to win one of these unique and EXTREMELY RARE statues.

Bloodshot Ghost Variant
Dark Shirt Variant Bloodshot Statue
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Looking for an Answer?

Just a heads up folks, the stiffs here at Quarantine Studio are listening but you may not be getting the message. Many of you have asked questions about your orders, when something is shipping or stock inquiries but never seem to get an answer. Well, we are answering but your mail client may be flagging our responses as junk. It’s okay, we understand, we wouldn’t accept mail from us either.

So if you are waiting on a response from us be sure to have a look in your junkmail basket. If you still don’t hear from us then drop us a message on Facebook.